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The Breast Health Center at Kent
455 Toll Gate Road
Warwick, RI 02886
P: (401) 736-3737
Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery

Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery

You may qualify for Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery based on the size and location of your tumor, your breast shape, and breast size. You can schedule an appointment by calling (401) 453-7540.

Breast Health Center - Women & Infants Hospital, Providence, Rhode Island

Types of Breast Exams

Looking for information on breast exams? There are several ways to examine the breast to discover lumps including a self examination, mammography or a breast MRI.

Kent Hospital Breast Health Center

Welcome to The Breast Health Center at Kent Hospital. Our center is a unique collaboration between Kent and Women & Infants Hospital. Our professional staff includes:

  • Surgeons.
  • Radiation oncologists.
  • Medical oncologists.
  • Radiologists.
  • Social services.
  • Nutritionist.
  • Nurse navigators.

We pride ourselves on being a truly collaborative team made up of the best breast health physicians and staff from both Kent Hospital and Women & Infants Hospital. We provide and refer services such as: genetic counseling, lymphedema, nutrition clinics, and rehabilitation services. We will work to ensure that you have seamless and coordinated access to an array of diagnostics, consultative, therapeutic, surgical and aftercare services.

To schedule a routine mammography contact us at (401) 736-1988.

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Meet Sadiqa Kendi, breast cancer patient

“I came to Providence to work as an emergency medicine physician. I had just gotten married, but a few weeks later I felt a lump in my breast.

An ultrasound and a biopsy showed I had invasive breast cancer. What a huge shock! I was young—lived a healthy lifestyle. And being new to Providence, I wasn’t sure what to do next. I asked my friends for advice and they recommended the Breast Health Center at Women & Infants

Breast Health Center - Patient Story