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Early Detection

After heart disease and lung cancer, breast cancer kills more women than any other disease. This year, it will claim about 40,000 lives. The key to surviving breast cancer is early detection and the only way to ensure early detection is to see a doctor regularly, and follow guidelines established by the American Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute for mammography screening.

A mammogram is a low-dose x-ray picture taken of your breast or breasts. Physicians use the mammogram to regularly screen healthy women for changes in their breasts. It plays a key role in the detection of suspicious breast lumps and calcifications. Sometimes, the mammogram can pick up these lumps a year or two before they would be noticed through breast self examinations. At our Women's Diagnostic Imaging Center, we offer 3D Mammography™ technology.

For an appointment, call scheduling at (401) 736-1988. Outpatient services are available between 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Safe Test

The new low-dose mammography technology makes mammography screening safe and accurate. The latest American Cancer Society guidelines are as follows:

Age Recommendations for Early Detection of Breast Cancer

  • 20 -39 - Clinical breast examination by a doctor or nurse every three years, monthly breast self-examinations.
  • 40+ - Annual mammogram and annual clinical breast examination by a doctor or nurse. Clinical breast exam should be done close to the time of the breast self-examinations.

Location and Scheduling

To schedule a routine mammography please call scheduling at (401) 736-1988. To learn more about the services available at the Breast Health Center please call (401) 736-3737.

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