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We believe visitors play an important part in a patient’s well being. Visitors create healing. You may visit at any time, however, please note the guidelines below. Rest is needed for comfort and well being. Be aware of the patient’s need for rest when you visit.

Some units such as Women’s Care Center, the Emergency Department, Intensive Care Unit, Cardiac Care Unit and Psychiatric Care Unit have specific visiting guidelines. Please speak with the patient’s nurse about visiting these units. We will help you meet your needs.

Visiting is not permitted in the Operating Room and Recovery Room (PACU).

Intensive Care Unit Visiting Hours - The visiting hours are 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Visitors are restricted to immediate family members. Only two visitors are allowed at a time. Short visit lengths are suggested, and length is generally dependent upon the condition of the patient and his/her ability to tolerate visitors.

To help with rest and comfort we suggest no more than two visitors at a time. Larger families may wait in our waiting areas. We have free parking for visitors. Handicapped parking is located at the Main Entrance and near the Emergency Entrance.

Please respect and protect the privacy of all patients.

Please cooperate with all requests from hospital staff. There may be times when visitors are asked to leave a patient’s room or change locations while the patient’s needs are being met.

Visitor Guidelines

  • Healthy children under 12 years of age may visit if planned ahead of time with the nursing staff. Children must be watched by a visiting adult at all times.
  • People who are sick should not visit patients.
  • Patients may not be able to eat certain foods or drink. Check with the nurse before bringing in food or drink for the patient. Medicines are provided by our pharmacy. Please do not bring any medicines, supplements, herbs, or vitamins from home.
  • Bathrooms in patients’ rooms are for patient use only. Public bathrooms are available on every floor. Hospital staff will help you locate the one nearest you.
  • Cell phones may be used in clearly marked areas.
  • For safety reasons only Mylar balloons are allowed in the hospital. Latex balloons are not allowed in the hospital.

Important PIN Number Information

Although we have open visiting, quiet time begins at 9:00pm. Please help our patients get the rest they need by observing quiet time. If it is necessary that you visit after 9:00 p.m., please enter through the Emergency Department and check in with Security.

If an isolation sign is posted outside the patient’s room, please follow the instructions on the sign. If you have any questions, speak to a nurse. 

Please have one family member who shares information about your loved one’s condition with family and friends. We are happy to give you information when you use the PIN number provided.